Introducing – Normatec Air Compression Therapy

Normatec Air Compression Therapy

The BodyFix is proud to announce a new service that is beneficial to our patients.  Introducing… Normatec Air Compression Therapy!

Why Do We Offer Normatec?

Normatec is complimentary to The BodyFix Method.  The reason why we provide 30-minute Chiropractic treatments in our office is that muscles, nerves, ligaments, and joints are being manually manipulated, in which the body can undergo soreness. As a pre or post-treatment to chiropractic care, the Normatec Massage Therapy can help complement the recovery process in patients.  This treatment is known specifically to enhance blood circulation, promote muscular strength and recovery, provide relaxation, reduce lactic acid build-up, decrease swelling and inflammation, and create a faster healing process altogether. Those are only some of the many benefits of this treatment.
These suits are also very popular to use post-workout and post sports performances. Used by NFL, NBA, MLB, and other major athletic teams, this compression therapy is lights out in keeping our bodies feeling well-rested and energized for the next day. Through much other research and trust from other medical professionals, we decided that incorporating Normatec at The BodyFix would be a huge benefit.

How does it work?

We offer a full Body Suit, including Leg, Hip, and Arm attachments. Essentially these suits have a controlled oscillating air pump, which at certain times will create either compression or decompression.  While sitting in a zero gravity chair, Normatec will work its magic in either a 15 minute or 30-minute session to create faster blood flow in areas of desire.  You could be a patient with major pain or discomfort or a patient with no discomfort at all, either way… you can still benefit from this treatment.  For those who want more medical evidence, the following diagrams can elaborate on Normatec studies and their results. Normatec has shown to provide results for numerous amounts of ailments.
So come by, sit back, and relax… and let the suits do the work!