The BodyFix Method Origins

The BodyFix Method Origins

My Story:

I was playing independent professional Baseball and that was my only goal in life at the time. I dealt with minor injuries that I worked through because I was very determined in playing sports. But one day in the offseason when I was throwing with a friend of mine, my lower back gave out. I never dealt with any pain like this one, with shooting pain going down both of my legs, crawling to get to a comfortable position, and I felt like I was going to end up paralyzed. I went to so many health care practitioners to help me with my pain but none of them informed me about the issues I had and none of them got me relief. I was always disgruntled after each visit because nobody was getting me back to my game. Then, I heard about Chiropractic from my friend. I didn’t know what chiropractic was but I didn’t care because I was willing to try anything! My first visit was to a sports-oriented Chiropractor who incorporated a variety of techniques. He wasn’t focused on his own attributes of chiropractic techniques but rather using a variety of chiropractic methods to get my body back to a baseball game. and my experience was absolutely amazing. I was informed by the chiropractor through x rays and MRI’s that I have two herniated discs – which is what caused my back issues. I had never seen a practitioner be so determined on fixing my root issues and I could relate to that because I had the same mind frame as an athlete so I respected it highly. Through treatments 3 times per week for three months, he not only got me out of pain, but I was in a better functioning state for my athletic career. I started to become fascinated by body mechanics and my healing process. After that, I made the decision to hang up my cleats and immediately go to Chiropractic College because I knew instantly that healing a person had way more benefit than winning a baseball game.  

What is the BodyFix Method?

The BodyFix Method consists of a variety of techniques that involves treatments on muscles, joints, ligaments, and fascia, to essentially get longer, stabilizing results. Chiropractic Treatments at the BodyFix are more than just your average 5 min adjustment (Pop and a Crack). It is a lifestyle change. And the change starts with having all of these body structures move and function together in unison. And My Method Involves just that.  

Why Did I Develop This Method?

I created The BodyFix Method after experiencing many different Chiropractic approaches in my health care profession thus far. There are so many different philosophies on how to treat a particular ailment that it can be daunting especially for a chiropractor or a potential patient. When I came out of school, I wasn’t quite sure where to start because there are so many different ways to treat the human body. And it was overwhelming. I then went forth and worked for a variety of different Chiropractic Clinics that all incorporated different techniques. And that is how I developed my ideas and strategies to create The BodyFix Method. When the time came for me to open my own practice, I knew exactly the vision that I wanted for my patients that would come through the door. I was a patient myself, and I know what it’s like to go through body pain and hop around from clinic to clinic in order to find results that were right for me. I also felt I had a grasp on what worked, and what didn’t work for patients in my years of experience. So, I combined what I learned, from not only other Chiropractors, but also patients that I treated, and I used that towards developing what I believe is the most beneficial method in Chiropractic. From the patient standpoint, we all look for a Doctor that may be right for us. We look for someone that not only can help treat specificities but also listen and understand us and our needs. So as a practitioner, I have to ask myself, what is the most important part of the patient experience? I believe it’s a combination of patient trust and treatment results.  

Why Do I Believe This Method Is Most Beneficial?

When I treat my patients I see all different parts of the body working in unison. Our muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, and fascia, all need to function properly during our daily activities and routine. I use a variety of soft tissue techniques in my treatments. To what may feel like a massage, I focus on breaking down scar tissue and working through the muscles, and fascia, while pinpointing the root cause of pain and discomfort. And as I go through my treatment, I can really see what is functioning to par and what is not in a patient’s body. Everything inside our body is connected, and in order to produce results, I believe these techniques combined with adjustments is what leads patients to not only living pain-free… but also producing proper bodily function and movements. It’s this combination that I have seen as most beneficial that allows patients to live a better, healthier quality of life.  

Is the BodyFix Method the Right Treatment for you?

During every new patient’s initial visit, I assess each individual through a proper exam and consultation. I also provide patients the full treatment of The BodyFix Method with an explanation during the visit. I can only recommend what I feel is the right treatment protocol for each individual. And each treatment going forward is always a re-assessment to see how progression is and if patients are moving forward in their visits. I strive to see results and progression in every one of my patients. It is a top priority to me that full experience and patient education are performed each and every visit. I take passion in making sure the BodyFix Method is the experience that patients have been waiting for. Experience my treatment and see if this method is right for you. To Your Best Health! Dr. Mario Tolj